Photo by Jenny Vagan

This site has been inspired by my life as a Norwegian woman living in Los Angeles and how my grown up years have been shaped by a culture so different from where I was raised.

I wish to use this site to write about my own journey and revelations as a woman, creatively and personally. It will also be a reflection of the life I live with my two children, my endless love for them and how motherhood has defined me.

I wish for this to be a platform where I invite other women to write and discuss what’s on their minds, their experiences as women, mothers and in the workforce. A place where women get connected and will enable and inspire each other and share their stories with one another.

The site contains some of my past work which includes directing documentaries, photography and writing. On a weekly basis I will post articles, essays, interviews and inspirational content to the site myself as well as invite other writers to do so.

I hope to be inspired and to inspire women around me and that my thoughts might be relevant and interesting for women disregarding age ,lifestyle or experience. Nothing fascinates me more than women and what they are capable of. This site will be my tribute to them.



Tonje Kristiansen was educated as an actor at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. She has also been a journalist for various magazines and periodicals. From 2002 to 2003 she studied film and television at Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo. She made her debut as a director with the award-winning documentary short Kjell in 2004. She works as a writer, documentary filmmaker and photographer out of her base in Venice, California (U.S.).

Photo by Jenny Vagan